[Efficacy and role of Xiaokudingcha]_kudingcha_benefits_consequences

[Efficacy and role of Xiaokudingcha]_kudingcha_benefits_consequences

Kuding tea has been drunk by many people. Drinking Kuding tea in summer can clear away heat and detoxify.

However, the efficacy and role of Xiaokudingcha is far more than clearing heat and detoxifying. For patients with high blood pressure, drinking Kudingcha often can lower blood pressure and clear throat and throat.


It is used to treat fever, thirst, headache, toothache, dysentery; it can disperse wind-heat, clear heads, and eliminate thirst; unless it can also disperse liver-wind, digestion and phlegm, treat tinnitus and deafness, remove annoyance and thirst, Li Er,, Go to greasy, blood circulation and cool the uterus.


Blood pressure lowering: Kuding tea is used to lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids, facilitate stool, lower fire, clear throat and throat, cure gums, and tooth inflammation. The dose can be controlled according to the condition. Generally speaking, lowering the concentration is large and the effect is fast., If the concentration is low, the effect is slow.


Treatment of pharyngitis: Patients may experience pharyngitis when they are stimulated by dust, oil fume, etc.

What to do if I have a pharynx?

I wo n’t tell you that drinking kudingcha often, without any sketches, will make your throat cool and cool. Even if the throat is slightly sore, dry, itchy, tired, speechless, five upset and hot, your waist and knees are so soft we do n’t careFrom then on, the pharynx is no longer your wound.


Weight loss: Kudingcha can obviously reduce the serum total cholesterol, triglycerides and low density protein of patients with hyperlipidemia, which has the effects of anti-inflammatory and convenient, weight loss.


Antioxidant, antiviral: Holly kuding tea contains chlorogenic acid, flavonoids and ursolic acid, chlorogenic acid contains a wide range of biological activities, which can effectively remove free radicals in the body, has anti-oxidant and anti-viral effects; it can maintain normal body cellsThe role of structure and function.


Relieves bad breath: Because of the tannins, tea polyphenols, tea pigments and many other biologically active ingredients contained in tea, it can prevent the growth and reproduction of bacteria with oral odor

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