This Chinese medicine has a five flavors. Do you know that it has some kind of health benefits?

This Chinese medicine has a “five flavors”. Do you know that it has some kind of health benefits?

In the old saying, there are words that “people have five organs and five qis.”

The five internal organs are raised by the rice, and the food is full of vitality. Therefore, when the food is prepared, if you can take care of the five flavors, you can taste the five dirty flavors in one dish, and the taste is alsoExcellent, then this dish must be the best.

However, in the natural world, if you do not rely on artificially crafted, it is generally difficult to collect the five flavors on the same object.

Not to mention, in the Chinese medicine industry, there is really a man-made medicine called the five-flavored product. It is the Schisandra. The Tang Dynasty’s “New Revised Materia Medica” contains “Five-flavored skin and sweet meat, and the kernel is hard and has a salty taste.”Gan Xin Xian, all tastes, so there are five flavors, so the medical book called it 荎蕏, Xuanhe, will, and was originally listed in the top grade of “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”.

However, the light on the body is too bright and will cause some serious disputes. “Pharmaceutical God” thinks that this schisandra “five flavors” will inevitably make the drugs think that it will be “too arrogant”, so ordered to let the schisandra converge, of courseThis is also for the sake of the schisandra in the future to be able to occupy a piece of land in the pharmaceutical industry, lest it make it to make it squeezing, so the drug god will let it take its spicy, bitter, salty taste.Put, the schisandra bones are actually all).

Therefore, the schisandra we see now has only sour and sweet taste.

Schisandra belongs to the lungs, heart, and kidney.

There is a convergence of solid, Yiqi Shengjin, the effect of kidney and Ningxin.

If you want to say that this schisandra is full of flavors, it is really a good medicine!


Schisandra tastes astringent, sweet and moist, can converge on the lungs, can nourish kidney yin, is the medicine to treat chronic cough and asthma!


Schisandra has all tastes, but it is mainly based on acid. It can calm the lungs and stop sweating. It has a very good effect on self-sweat and night sweats!


Schisandra chinensis is warm and sputum, and it can be used as a medicine for the treatment of kidney deficiency and essence.


Schisandra tastes sour and astringent, can stop diarrhea, for the spleen and kidney cold and long-term diarrhea, with Wujing rice soup delivery service is very good, such as “Puji’s side” of the schisandra.



Schisandra is beneficial to qi, acid can produce fluid, has the effect of replenishing qi and thirst, and is very effective in treating the thirst of heat, yin and sweat, and thirst and yin and thirst.


Schisandra can both replenish heart and kidney and calm down, so it is not good for the heart and kidney to be distracted, insomnia and dreams.

Although Schisandra is good, it has a convergent nature. Therefore, if there is no solution to the evil, there is real heat inside, coughing starts, measles, etc., don’t join, so you can avoid “closing the door”!

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