How to eat red dates to be the most nourishing-

How to eat red dates to be the most nourishing?

Jujube, longan, peanuts, red beans, brown sugar, ginkgo, and Chinese wolfberry are all foods for blood and kidney that people often eat, and when they are matched with each other, they become a good blood-feeding diet.

  Jujube is the most commonly used food to invigorate blood, and eating it raw and drinking alcohol works best.

  Jujube can also be drank in an iron pan and soaked in water to treat cold stomach and stomachache. After adding longan, it is a tea that invigorate blood and qi, which is especially suitable for teachers, salespersons and other people who use throat more frequently.

If you add 4?
6 capsules of wolfberry can also treat constipation, but people with thin stools should not add wolfberry.

Female friends who often drink red dates, longan and wolfberry tea have fair skin and good cosmetic results.

Do not add more medlars, just a few grains, red dates and longan are also 6?
8 capsules is enough, so I can make myself a cup after work every morning, not only replenishing qi and blood, but also eyesight, especially suitable for the workaholics who are looking forward to the computer.

  Without frying in the iron pan, frying black red dates for tea is useless, because the jujube is wrapped in the outer skin and the nutritional ingredients are not available. However, after the red dates are fried, the skin is cracked after being soaked in boiling water., The nutrients inside will slowly leak out.

  Red dates, peanuts, longan, plus brown sugar, slowly stew in the pot with water, stewed rotten, often eaten, the effect of nourishing blood is very good.

  Red dates and red beans are added to glutinous rice to make porridge. Red beans are not easy to burn. You can cook red beans first, red beans are rotten, and then add glutinous rice and red dates to burn together.

  10 jujubes are cut open, 10 ginkgoes are removed from the shell, the child can only eat 5 each, and boiled for 15?
20 minutes, eat every night before bedtime, can nourish blood and kidney, relieve cough and asthma, cure frequent urination, cure nocturia, and the effect is very good. From the autumn of Ginkgo, it has been eaten until the spring of the next year. It is for the elderly and children.Kidney, cough and asthma.

  10 jujube incisions, 10 wolfberry seeds, boiled water to drink, nourish blood and kidneys, specialize in waist and knee soreness, eat for many years, have the role of beauty and freckle.

  10 jujubes are cut open, 3 slices of ginger, boiled water to drink, is a good appetizer.

  In addition, use pork trotters and soybeans to stew and rot; use turtles to add wolfberry, red dates, and ginger to rot and eat; beef liver, goat liver, and pork liver for cooking, stew, or cook porridge with rice;, Pork bones and red dates stew soup; beef tendon, pork tendon with peanuts, ginger stew rotten, these are good food for blood.

  When making these foods, you must pay attention to the choice of fresh ingredients and stew to eat, so as to facilitate digestion and absorption. This requires the patience of the family to be patient and persistent for many years.

Only by working hard at three meals a day can we truly ensure the health of the family.

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