[6000 cases of health soup]_how to do_how to do

[6000 cases of health soup]_how to do_how to do

There are many ways to keep in good health, diet therapy is one of the important ones, and as an important content of diet therapy, there are many types of diet.

There is a saying that soup is cheap health insurance.

The country has a vast territory, and the health soups in different regions have their own characteristics, which are closely related to the local geographical and climatic conditions.

If you want to learn the practice of health-preserving soup, I recommend the book “6000 cases of health-preserving soup” to you.

“Healthy Soup 6000 Cases” features 1,200 delicious and delicious soups with excellent nourishing effects.

Starting from home operations, highlight the good health soup, easy to learn, nutrition, and convenient.

The whole book has a full range of soups and thorough classification, which is convenient for you to quickly check and use at home.

The 16 types of health soups include at least delicious soups made with various cooking techniques, medicated soups with nourishing effects, and seasonal soups that meet the needs of different seasons tonic and tonic, which must be convenient and fast.Rice cooker for soup.

In addition, the book is a selection of several cooking tips from North and South famous chefs to provide you with detailed instructions for cooking, so that you can more handy in the process.

As the saying goes: “The spring qi should be the same as the one for health.

“Autumn and winter are often said to be a great season for” tonic “, which is called” tonic. ”

In fact, we should pay more attention to diet and nutrition in the spring to maintain health.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “people correspond to heaven and earth”, which means that the physiological mechanism of the human body should closely correspond to the changes in the climate of the four seasons.

Nowadays, there is an electronic stew pot. In the morning, stew soup is prepared before work, and it is automatically warmed. When you get home from work, you can drink it. The soup seems to be much better.

However, to make a good stew soup, we also need to pay attention to some small tips. Master Liang has revealed to us some soup stew tips: Although the ingredients are all put in the cup and stewed, it is important to place them first.Put the meat on the bottom, and then put the herbs and ingredients on it to stew, the soup will be clearer.

Don’t be too greedy with the outside water, because too much water will seep into the cup when boiled and dilute the flavor of the soup.

Then you have to master the heat.

The electronic stew pot can be fired once and for all for 3 hours.

However, if you have time to watch the fire, you still need to use fierce fire in the first half hour to stew the water in the cup, and then you can collect it into the simmering fire, so you can also stew for 3 hours, and the soup tastes better.

The processing of soup is generally very simple, but if there are water fish, water snake and other meat with a relatively strong smell, you must boil water before adding stew, and then add ginger slices to taste.

Some northerners consider adding spices, such as spring onions, garlic, pepper, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine and the like.

In fact, from the experience of Cantonese people cooking soup, these spices are unnecessary.

If needed, a slice of ginger is enough.

Drinking soup pays attention to the original taste. As long as the time is right, the soup will naturally overflow.

Soup is one of the most nutritious and digestible varieties of various foods people eat.

Generally refers to water with a heat transfer medium, a variety of cooking raw materials after boiling, boiling, stewing, braising, steaming and other processing technology processed into a juicy, flavorful beverage.

Not only is it delicious and delicious, but it is also easily absorbed because most of the nutrients have been decomposed into water.

Cooking belongs to the cultural category, it is a precious cultural heritage of our Chinese nation.

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