Who should buy a condom for couple sex?

Who should buy a condom for couple sex?

“You go!

“No, you go!”

“Why do men buy things for men?”

“” I don’t need it, I’m happy!

“Okay, okay, I’ll buy it!”

“It’s weird. I’ve been married for so many years. Why did we both buy condoms for whom?

  There have been similar surveys on the Internet. The result is that most of them are bought by men and there are too many women, but there are still 1/3 cases where two people buy together.

  Regardless of expressing anger at her husband’s complacent, I must quickly adjust my emotions-to deal with those in the pharmacy.

  Why do you say the salespeople in pharmacies are so enthusiastic?

Even if I really want to buy medicine, I don’t have to be so happy as if I was looking forward to getting sick, not to mention, such things as family planning supplies, purchased on demand, what is the use of enthusiasm?

  Before entering the door, look through the glass window in a limited field of vision-where will it be placed?

Go to several pharmacies, some at the cashier’s counter, some in the corner, hate my nearsightedness and see nothing!

  One year on Valentine’s Day, a certain magazine in the south wrote a long article on who bought a condom. Experts in it said, “Women buy a condom, it means that men occupy a place.”

Needless to say?

Reluctant things, someone has to compromise!

  My favorite scenery now is – there is only one or two sales people in the pharmacy and it is extremely busy; the things I want to buy are very eye-catching and the counters are placed at a moderate distance, so that I can see at a glance without having to walk through the entire pharmacy.

  As soon as the curtain was lifted, the focal distance of myopia had not been adjusted, and a “harsh” greeting sounded in the ears. More than one person: “What medicine do you buy?


Pretending not to hear, as soon as I turned around, I went straight to the no-ones area and quickly moved forward. Whoever had followed him behind, asked in his mouth, “Cold medicine or stomach medicine .”Now, with years of marriage as his confidence, he forced him to calmly say, “Family planning.

The other side has no expression, and I do n’t know if there is an expression-because I was so embarrassed and said to his face that he was led to a counter in a colorful and dazzling array, so do n’t choose carefully. Fortunately, I often see the commonly used ones.Brands, one finger at a time, pay money and get “goods”.

  When I was out of the pharmacy, I was fortunate that no one was standing in line when I paid the money, otherwise I would have to wait a long time.

  An expert in that article said that the issue of condom treatment reflects people’s attitudes towards sex.

According to him, my response is that the typical Chinese concept of human nature is conservative, and we should treat it as normal, otherwise the sexual perspective will be biased and even affect sexual life, and psychological counseling is recommended.

  Not so exaggerated!

Although my husband and I were transformed as a result of this, it didn’t seem to affect our feelings, nor did we need to do psychological counseling.

Besides, as long as you don’t overdo it on these issues, isn’t it normal to be conservative?

Why can’t the people and experts who sell condoms start from the national conditions and find some good ways to suit the Chinese concept, this is much easier than so many people like me who teach me that sex is no longer a point!

  Editing trick 1.

Go to a supermarket where condoms are sold.


Buy a lot at a time and keep using it slowly.


It can be purchased online without having to avoid direct contact with people, and the packaging used for shipping often does not indicate what it contains.


Choose a specialized family planning store, and you will not feel too embarrassed to face a trained clerk.

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