Beautiful female doctor blushing

Beautiful female doctor blushing

One day, after Mr.

Chen had an infertility check at the hospital, a beautiful female doctor would check if Mr. Chen’s spermworm population had decreased.

  She gave him a small sealed glass jar and asked him to bring home some samples.

  The next day, Mr. Chen came back, but the female doctor found that the glass jar was still empty.

  Mr. Chen explained, “Yesterday, I tried with my right hand for a long time without any movement. I switched to the left hand to test, but it didn’t work. I asked my wife to help. She also tried with both hands.

I told her to make it with her mouth and there was still no way.

The female doctor blushed.

  Mr. Chen still didn’t stop: “It happened that my cousin came to my house to give a gift. She was young and physically fit, so I asked her to help.

She also worked hard with her hand, then her mouth . “” Stop!

“The female doctor couldn’t help it anymore:” This kind of thing.

Do you ask your cousin to help? ~?

Mr. Chen said, “She’s happy!

But still not!

I just came to see if you could . “The female doctor asked angrily,” Can you help me?

Mr. Chen replied 😕

  ”Can’t open the case of this glass jar!


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