[Do you eat sea cucumbers in Futian]_San Futian_ OK

[Do you eat sea cucumbers in Futian]_San Futian_ OK

Sea cucumber can be eaten all year round. Even in San Fu Tian, it is good to eat some sea cucumber properly. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, often pay attention to winter disease and summer treatment.Yes, eating sea cucumber properly at this time can correct the symptoms of yang deficiency in the human body. At this time, eating sea cucumber can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Let’s take a look at this aspect.

Can Futian eat sea cucumber?
Sea cucumber is a high-protein, low-lactose, low-cholesterol natural tonic, rich in nutrition, gentle tonic, suitable for tonic supplements in all seasons.

Among the main ingredients of sea cucumber, in addition to protein, calcium, potassium, selenium and other active substances, it also contains other active ingredients such as sea cucumber, acid mucopolysaccharide and sea cucumber saponin.

It can improve human immunity and achieve a certain effect of preventing diseases.

In summer, the human body is full of yang and outside, and eating sea cucumber in three volt days will cause a deficiency of yang in the human body, achieve the dynamic balance of yin and yang, increase the body’s resistance, and overcome the disease.

It is often said that “winter treatment in winter and summer treatment” refers to the prevention and treatment of winter-prone diseases in summer. People with physical yang deficiency and cold syndrome who supplement sea cucumber three days in summer can often get more results with less effort.

How to eat sea cucumber in San Fu Tian Any food has a suitable amount, even for high-nutrition foods like sea cucumber.

When eating sea cucumbers in San Fu Tian, you should pay attention to the amount of light and light, eating too much will cause indigestion and excessive yang.

Nutrition experts recommend that you eat sea cucumber three days, and it is enough to eat one medium-sized sea cucumber per person per day. It can be eaten with soy sauce on an empty stomach in the morning, or eat sea cucumber porridge.

Not suitable for people who eat sea cucumbers1. People with poor kidney function cannot eat sea cucumbers. Sea cucumbers are rich in nutrients and have been respected as a tonic since ancient times. Its protein, and protein content in many varieties, is more than 50%.

Such high protein foods are not good for people with poor kidney function. Eating sea cucumber will increase the cholesterol burden and make kidney function more vulnerable.

2. Children should eat sea cucumber appropriately. Although sea cucumber is said to be nutritious, it is not suitable for children.

For children whose body development has not been finalized, the rich protein and trace elements present in sea cucumber may cause symptoms such as indigestion in children.

Therefore, parents should not rush to use sea cucumbers and other supplements to let their children grow their bodies, consider them properly, and consult their doctors.

3, people with spleen deficiency and phlegm should not eat sea cucumber because sea cucumber still has a lot of protein, and there is essence in the form of collagen, so people with weak spleen and stomach may cause gastrointestinal upset and reduce digestive ability.

In this case, you may want to take a look at the stomach and eat sea cucumbers after the gastrointestinal function is restored.

4. People with overheated liver should not eat sea cucumber. Sea cucumber is a big supplement. It may have various nutritional elements. If it is a person with a strong liver fire, after eating sea cucumber, it is bound to be fueled by the fire, causing more symptoms of fire.serious.

5. It is well understood that people allergic to seafood should not eat sea cucumber. Sea cucumber is also a kind of seafood and seafood. If you are allergic to seafood such as shrimp and crab, it is best not to try sea cucumber easily, so as not to cause allergic symptoms.

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