[Chengde delicious food]_ have some _ what

[Chengde delicious food]_ have some _ what

Speaking of Chengde, the most serious one must be Chengde Mountain Resort. Chengde is located in the north of Beijing. It has been a very important place since ancient times. Chengde is also the collection site of Mandarin, the official Chinese language.Similar to the climate of Beijing, in terms of diet, there are also many northern characteristics, that is, mainly pasta. Here are some of the most famous Chengde cuisines.

1. Donkey roll “Donkey roll” is a popular snack made from indica rice. It has been in Chengde for more than 200 years.

“Donkey roll” is a long roll rolled with yellow rice stuffing. Because the bean roll is spread under the soybean noodles, the long roll is rolled onto the bean noodles when eating. It looks like a donkey and rolls, so it gets its name.

The finished “donkey roll” is covered with bean noodles, golden brown, sweet bean filling, soft mouth, unique flavor, and is a traditional flavor snack suitable for all ages.

2. Soba noodles Soba noodles is one of the three must-eat dishes in the north. It is as famous as Beijing noodles and Shanxi noodles.

Soba is a traditional crop in Chengde, especially in Bashang. The pasta made with it has a special flavor, smooth and chewy.

The water is boiled in the pot. The river leakage nails are placed on the edge of the pot, and the soba noodles are filled into the nail leakage, and then the pressure is applied. The soba noodles fall into the boiling water in the pot from the bottom of the leak.Take out the bowl and pour the marinade, it will taste smooth and glutinous, and it will have flavor.

3. Frying bowls: Chengde is rich in buckwheat; bowls made with buckwheat noodles are traditional local snacks in Chengde and have a history of more than 200 years.

The ingredients for the bowl of ravioli are buckwheat noodles, mung bean flour, allspice powder, pepper noodles, and an appropriate amount of pork blood.

The production of bowl of ravioli must go through three steps: noodles, cooking and shaping.

When eating, pour some sesame sauce, garlic sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, and sesame oil on a fried bowl of ravioli, and fork it with a small fork. The taste is very delicious.

4, Yutu lotus leaf chicken Yutu lotus leaf chicken was originally called flower chicken, passed to Chengde, because it replaced Chengde’s unique Ligong loess, Rehe spring water and lotus leaves in the lake as raw materials refined, hence the name “Yu soilLotus leaf chicken “.

Yutu lotus leaf chicken is delicious, especially the unique, light lotus leaf fragrance, which makes your appetite open and the aftertaste long.

5, Nansha cake Nansha cake has been in Chengde area for more than 200 years.

Also known as eight hook sugar cake.

It is filled with white sugar, green and red silk, melon seeds, walnut kernels and seasonings. It is made with flour, buckwheat flour and noodles.

Crispy, sweet and refreshing.

6. Dushanshui Tofu Dushanshui Tofu is a specialty food in Liangjiatai Township, Kuancheng Manchu Autonomous County, Chengde City, Hebei Province. It is named because Liangjiatai Township is located at the foot of Dushan Mountain.

Du Shanshui Tofu, looks like tofu brain, is white in color, crystal clear, and almost transparent.

When eating, they are in a small boat shaped like a boat shaped after shrinking and peeling, and the small boat sits on a bowl and desalted.

7. Altar meat Altar meat is one of Chengde’s special cuisines. It has a long history. The meat color is deep red, original flavor, fat but not greasy, strong flavor and crunchy. It is a traditional flavored dish loved by the elderly and children.

8, 4D pork meat 4D pork meat, Hebei specialty flavor snacks, cut the pork into cubes and cook, cut into a spiral “4D” shape, add seasoning and steam to serve.

The color is ruddy, bright, fat and waxy, suitable for all ages, but not fat.

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