What is the way to prevent diarrhea?

What is the way to prevent diarrhea?

Pediatric diarrhea is also a problem that some parents are worried about. If there is diarrhea in children, it will cause great harm to the child’s digestive system, causing some common diseases in children. Children with diarrhea have some pathogens and many factors.

So, what are the methods for preventing diarrhea in children and what are the recipes for diarrhea in children?

5 tips to prevent diarrhea in children1, actively promote breast milk replacement first advocate breast milk replacement, because breast milk has high nutritional value, easy to digest and absorb, is the best food to prevent diarrhea.

Also be careful not to wean your baby during the summer.

2, pay attention to food hygiene artificial feeding of the baby, utensils should be boiled and disinfected every day, each time before use with boiling water, disinfection of good utensils to avoid pollution, the bottle is covered.

The milk is eaten each time it is boiled.

3, in order to add complementary food intake of breast milk or milk, children should be quantified on time, such as stool thin, do not add new food supplements.

The order of adding complementary food is: liquid → semi-liquid → soft food → solid food, etc., pay attention to increase gradually from a small amount, avoid adding some food together.

4, eat greasy food hot summer, children should avoid overeating or eating a small amount of greasy food.

5, life should be regular Children’s life should be regular, adequate sleep, appropriate increase in outdoor activities to enhance physical fitness.

Pediatric diarrhea recipe Egg yolk meal After the egg is cooked, the shell and protein are cooked, and the egg yolk is placed in a small fire in the pot to smelt the oil. The baby within 1 year old is given a batter, divided into 2-3 times, and 3 days is a course of treatment.Treat diarrhea, and have the effect of tonifying the spleen and stomach and stopping diarrhea; egg yolk with a small amount of flour and ginger cake steamed out of the egg cake also have the same effect.

Apple apples contain sulfuric acid and have an antidiarrheal effect.

One apple is washed, steamed, eaten with flesh or peeled, and eaten in mud for 30?
60 grams, 3 times a day.

Apple soup is also an auxiliary drink for the treatment of diarrhea.

Chop the apples with 250 ml of water and a small amount of salt. You can also add 5% sugar and decoction for tea. It is suitable for babies within 1 year old.

Chestnut diet 3?
5 chestnuts, shelled and smashed, boiled into a paste, seasoned with sugar, 2 per day?
3 times, there is a warming effect.

In addition, there are orange jujube tea and carrot soup which have the functions of strengthening the spleen and stopping diarrhea.

The precipitates available during the rehabilitation period include white rice porridge, noodles, glutinous rice flour, eggs, steamed fish, and salty egg yolk.

In order to avoid the phenomenon of diarrhea in children, parents should pay attention to some children’s living habits, pay attention to the hygiene of the diet, eat less spicy and greasy foods, let the children do some exercise, promote the body’s metabolism, and should eat more.Some recipes for diarrhea in children are good for your health.

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