White-collar workers’ three major salary feelings

White-collar workers’ three major “salary” feelings

There are many kinds of distressing things in life, and for white-collar beauties, among various kinds of distresses, the “salary” feeling of distress may be the most realistic and unhappy one.
Once the “salary” feeling is distressed, your emotions will probably plummet.
The long-term “salary” depression can also affect women’s health . ● Psychological grievances I always feel that I am not pregnant, and I have a sense of loss.
On the surface, people who are “paid” are struggling for salary, because money proves a person’s ability to some extent.
If your mood is high but your salary is always low, you will inevitably feel like you are not in your arms, so your negative emotions will continue to swell, and your aggressive attitude will disappear.
Smooth sailors are most afraid of this blow.
  ☆ Case 美 Zhao Mei has always been a top student in her class when she was in school. She has excellent grades and is highly valued by teachers.
After graduating, she recommended herself to a private advertising company and felt that she was in the right position to prepare for a career.
She worked very hard, but the trial period was over six months. Not only did the good salary not last, the original figure also dropped.
Zhao Mei went to Xingshi, the Ministry of Personnel, to confess, and got the answer: This is a private enterprise, which is paid according to work.
Meimei feels aggrieved and lost: Why can’t her efforts and talents be recognized?
I work so hard. Who agrees, and what do I get?
  ● “Psychological imbalances Blind comparisons lead to blind jealousy.
Russell says progress is the result of comparison.
It can give people more motivation and reference for progress, but blind comparison can make people fall into a misunderstanding. Blind jealousy is one of them.
Not looking for happiness in your own efforts, but looking for pain in the possession of others.
As a result, instead of making no progress, he was troubled.
  ☆ Case After graduating from Denglan University, he entered a foreign company and worked as a secretary in a small company office.
At the beginning, Deng Lan was still quite satisfied. Compared with those who did not find a job and were in state-owned enterprises, he was still lucky and even smug.
But since a reunion, Deng Lan has started frequent contact with his classmates in large companies.
When she saw that some of her good classmates already had a house and a car, she was very jealous. She always felt that she was a poor household and could not compare with others . The mentality of comparisons afflicted Deng Lan.She suffered from severe psychological imbalance.
  ● Psychological Autism I only think about “pay” and ignore hard work.
People who are always thinking about their own salary can hardly be sincere in their work.
Anyone in the workplace should go all out and work for the salary once it is put into work. The “salary” situation will only get worse.
Facing less and less salary, the enthusiasm for work is getting lower and lower, and I start to doubt and suppress myself, and in the end will only become more and more inferior and autistic.
  ☆ Case After Li Ling graduated from university, she got involved with life insurance.
Selling insurance is a very hard job. At the beginning, Qiaoling was full of confidence, but when the salary was paid at the end of the month, Li Ling felt that his salary was not ideal.
She suddenly felt that the repetition of smiling and welcoming at work also became a kind of hard work, and her state was really: “pay” hard work, hard work and “heart” hard work.
With these three mountains on his back, Li Ling fell into a state of psychological autism, and her inferiority complex was like a cloud.
这样越是泄气越是工作马虎,越是工作马虎薪水就越低,薪水越低她就会更自卑和自闭,如此就进入了一个恶性循环……   专家意见   要想走出“薪”情苦闷的Difficulties, you should first realize that the most valuable thing in this world is not money, but your own spirit.
  ● Let interest take you forward.
Some people say, “Interest is the best teacher.
“It’s enough to prove the importance of interest to people.
The real motivation for making money is not money, but interest.
Because of the lack of initiative, work for money is tedious. On the other hand, if you can connect money with interest and let interest lead you, your happiness will not only come from money, but from richerCategory, you will also be happy for your interests.
  ● Learn to cultivate interest.
There are two types of interests.
One is congenital and the other is acquired.Some people are naturally willing to do something, and it happens that his job is exactly his interest.

But what if your job happens to be not your interest?

It’s okay, because people can develop acquired interests.

As long as you have a meaningful and passionate attitude to life, you can always discover what you are studying in the world.

The same is true of your interest in work. Only you love it.

  ● Let go of “salary” and focus on things.

Napoleon and Hill made this addition to money: Money is also popular, and money also needs human sincerity.

So if you are surrounded by long-term “salary” feelings of depression, you may wish to taste Mr. Hill’s opinion.

Regardless of your career or work, if you can do your head down, don’t ask for gain, or simply let go of the “salary” situation and pay attention to things, not only can the focused work resolve the depression, your excellent job can also change the “salary” situation.

  ● Skills are needed to cultivate a good salary.

With the introduction of standardization, specialized companies have become increasingly well-known individuals.

And anyone in the workplace should also understand self-protection measures, which are mainly in the gradual work contract.

Work can not just rely on the likes and dislikes of the other party, especially on salary issues. It is best to confirm the salary expenditure and payment method with the contract text before work to avoid future disputes.

This not only cultivates a good “pay” feeling, but also ensures a good mood.

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