How should depression prevent prevention of depression?

How should depression prevent prevention of depression?

Experts pointed out that depression is mainly caused by social reasons and is becoming a frequently-occurring disease in contemporary society.

Experts analyze that such patients are increasing, at least because of the current intensified social competition, people’s work, life and learning pressures increase sharply; the substitution is because many people’s psychological endurance is weakened, it is easy to produce emotional fluctuations;For the advancement of society, people’s growing concern about their quality of life and mental health is also a leader.

Therefore, in order to ensure a healthy life, everyone must actively prevent depression.

1: Ensuring adequate sleep and sleep can keep the cerebral cortical cells from exhaustion, supplement the energy consumed, and achieve a new balance between the excitation and inhibition of the cerebral cortex.

Good sleep has the effect of improving memory and is also good at preventing depression in adolescents.

At the same time, be careful not to cover your head when you sleep, because when the head is sleeping, the brain is not adequately oxygenated, and the air is repeatedly sucked into the air, which is extremely harmful to the brain. This is one of the specific measures to prevent depression.

2: Participate in physical exercise through exercise can not make bones, muscles strong and developed, can promote the development of the brain and various internal organs, improve resistance, prevent the occurrence of depression.

3: You should eat breakfast, do not eat breakfast, cause low blood sugar in the human body, insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain, the energy needed by the brain can not be supplied, and it will affect the development of homework and brain in the long run. It is easier to encounter things that are not satisfactory.Produce depression.

4: Pay attention to drinking water too much water is the most important part of the human body. Insufficient drinking water is an important reason for the accelerated aging of the brain.

Teenagers must receive at least 8 glasses of water a day to ensure their physical needs, which is also the focus of prevention of depression in adolescents.

5: Do not take the disease with your brain. When you are in poor health or suffering from various acute diseases, you should rest.

At this time, if you still insist on learning to use the brain, it is inefficient and easily causes damage to the brain.

Good living habits can play a big role in preventing depression in adolescents.

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