Three considerations for taking ginseng tea

Three considerations for taking ginseng tea

The ginseng tea and the white radish are contraindicated at the same time. The “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that the white radish is cool and is a venting substance.

While taking the ginseng tea, avoid eating white radish, reduce the effect of the drug, and play the effect of half the effort.

  If you have any of the above conditions, if you have any of the above conditions, if you have nasal fever, dry mouth, dry throat, constipation and other symptoms after taking the gin tea, this is because the composition of the ginseng tea is a big supplement.If the head is swollen, the headache is dizzy, and the tongue is red and the moss is not suitable for application.

  Pregnant women avoid using Shenlu tea during pregnancy due to physical changes, more susceptible to illness than usual, so often need medication.

Pregnant women must understand whether the drugs used have adverse effects on the fetus before using the drug.

If a drug that has an adverse effect on the fetus is used, it may affect the growth of the vitamin, and the abortion or premature birth may occur, so the pregnant woman must be cautious.

Although the deer deer tea is a mild and nourishing drug, experts recommend stopping taking it during pregnancy.

  Tips: Take the best time to take Chinese medicine to choose the right time to get the best treatment effect, more convenient for Chinese medicine.

The time for taking Chinese medicine depends on the condition and the nature of the drug.

  First, the tonic should be taken before meals, especially kidney medicine.

In ancient China, “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” also stated: “If you are sick in the lower abdomen, take the medicine first and then eat.”

“Second, nourishing Yin blood medicine should be taken into the night, because the night is Yin, it is most suitable to enter the night to raise Yin blood.

  Third, the stomach medicine should be taken after meals, so that the drug can be contacted with stomach ulcers to maximize the effect.

  Fourth, the nerve medicine is taken before bedtime, the efficacy is good.

  Fifth, the insecticide should be served on an empty stomach, which can make the drug exert its maximum effect and also facilitate the discharge of the worm.

  Sixth, the sweat medicine should be taken before noon.

  Seven, laxatives should be served on an empty stomach, which can make the drug work faster.

  Eight, emetic medicine should be taken in the morning.

  Nine, the medicine that is irritating to the kidney should be taken after meals.

  Ten, the treatment of malaria drugs should be taken when taking.

  The treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is based on the severity of the drug and the condition, the difference between the location and the cold and heat, and the reasonable choice of the time and method of taking the drug is an irreplaceable aspect of the drug’s efficacy.

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