Soft yoga creates a small waist

Soft yoga creates a small waist

The core tip: the waist and abdomen are the areas that are most likely to be out of shape, and it is easy to accumulate tiny and form excess meat.

The following editor of Yixiu Beauty Net will teach you 8-type thin waist soft yoga, which will help you tighten the waist muscles through simple yoga movements, shake off excess meat, reshape the charming waist curve, and create a sexy “Little Manwaist”.


Side Triangle: Stand with your feet apart, legs straight, straight forward and forward to the body, and keep parallel to the floor. Bend down to the left until your left hand touches your left calf, and your right arm is straight.The ceiling is dark.


Standing forward flexion: Standing position, feet close together, legs straight, body bent downwards, until both hands touch the heel, forearms close to the back of the calf, forehead inserted into the calf face, raising the head up, try to make the abdomen close to the thighsurface.


Children’s variant: kneeling position, feet close together, feet tight and straight, sitting on the heels behind, the body is bent down, so that the abdomen is close to the thigh surface, the forehead is placed on the floor, so that straight into the back, fingers in both handsHook each other.


Seated forward posture: sitting posture, legs straight straight in front of the body, feet straight, body bent, forehead inserted into the calf, arch forward, the abdomen close to the thigh surface, some homeopathic cross legs, palms on the ground.


Half-moon: Standing position, feet close together, legs straight, shoulders wide and shoulders wide, raised above the head, palms forward and forward, and bent backwards, until the top is parallel to the floor, stand up for a while, the waist towardBack bend.


Warrior style: Standing position, take a big step forward with your left foot, bend and bend, insert your right leg into the back, your calf close to the floor, your feet are stretched and stretched straight above your head, your hands are folded together, your sides are bent backward, straightDark.


Cobra-style: lying on your stomach, with your abdomen on the ground, and your toes point to the bottom so that your tip is below the bottom, slowly lift your legs off the ground, open it and lean back slightly, and lift the top.


Mountain type: Standing position, feet close together, legs straight, front of chest, hands folded, eyes looking forward, straight forward.

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