Elderly winter health care tips


Elderly winter health care tips

Winter is also a season of various diseases, especially for the elderly, many elderly diseases such as old and slow, high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, etc., have aggravated after the winter.

The health of the elderly is the happiness of the children, so the elderly should pay more attention to health care and care for the heart.

  It is easy to induce cardiovascular cerebrovascular disease in winter. Climate is a barometer of cardiovascular function. The onset of cardiovascular disease is closely related to climate change.

The cold weather in the winter season is a period of high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Many cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents are also most likely to occur in winter.

Because the weather is cold, leading to the contraction of blood vessels, most of the blood vessels in the elderly have already appeared some hardening, resulting in contraction of the official cavity, and the blood vessels contract again. Therefore, the official cavity of the blood vessel is more narrow, and embolism is very likely to occur.

Causes cerebral thrombosis.

There are still many elderly people in the winter, the respiratory tract is prone to problems, the stimulation of cold air can cause bronchitis and bronchitis, and even pneumonia, these are enough to know.

  Winter old man care 6 taboos 1, avoid cold winter is a high incidence of cardiovascular disease, because the cold often causes coronary artery contraction in the elderly, leading to cardiovascular disease, aggravating cardiac load.

Old people with bad blood vessels should always pay attention to keep warm when going out.

  2, avoid hooded sleeping in winter, many elderly people are afraid of cold, they will go to sleep, but the head is sometimes sleepy, the oxygen content in the nest is reduced, carbon dioxide and other increases, so that normal breathing is affected, and even cause breathing, or induce cardiovascular disease.

The elderly with poor cardiovascular function, the correct way to sleep is: right lateral position, low pillow, head exposed, legs flexed and stretched 3, avoid wake up, the old man wakes up in the winter morning, if you wake up immediately, oftenCauses an episode of heart cramps.

When the old man wakes up, he must lie down on the bed for a while, and then wake up and get up again.

  4, avoid bathing time is too long, the elderly are afraid of cold, often the water temperature is higher when taking a bath.

However, the higher water temperature will produce a large amount of water vapor, which will cause insufficient oxygen in the air. The blood of the elderly with poor heart will be insufficient for oxygen supply, which will lead to cardiovascular disease outbreak.

Bath time is best controlled at 10?
Between 20 minutes, it would be better if someone was with you.

  5, avoid going out early winter early morning, is the lowest temperature period, easy to cause a cold cough, easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; and before the sun does not come out, the oxygen content of the air is too low, going out to exercise, will cause blood oxygen supplyInsufficient, easy to induce cardiovascular disease.

It is best for the elderly in winter to choose after 10 am and the sun comes out to the high level.

  6, bogey activity in the winter, the energy consumed by the human body will increase, if you step on the exercise, you need to consume more energy, and the supply of energy is blood, which will increase the burden on the heart.

This is a fatal danger for older people with a bad heart.

Old people in winter should not do a sport, alternate jogging, cycling, tai chi and so on.

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