Formula for treating oral ulcers in children

Formula for treating oral ulcers in children

Oral ulcers, also known as “oral ulcers”, are superficial ulcers that occur on the oral mucosa. They can range in size from rice to soybeans, round or oval, with a concave surface and congestive congestion.

Ulcers have the characteristics of hardening, recurrence and self-limiting, which occur in the lips, lips and tongue.

The etiology and pathogenesis are still unclear.

The cause may be local trauma, mental stress, food, medication, changes in hormone levels and vitamin or trace element deficiency.

Systemic diseases, genetics, immunity and microbes may play an important role in their development and development.

Treatment is mainly based on local treatment, and severe cases require systemic treatment.

  The prescription for treating children’s oral ulcers is 10 prescriptions: bamboo leaves, hawthorn, daqing leaves, silver flowers, 9 grams of forsythia, 30 grams of raw gypsum, Chuanlian, licorice, and mint.

5 grams of usage: Shuijianbi, 1 dose per day, 5 doses for a course of treatment.

Indications: oral ulcers, heart and spleen heat syndrome prescription 2: 藕 50 grams, 30 grams of licorice, diced 9 grams Usage: Shuijianbi.

Indications: oral ulcer prescription 3: raw land, forsythia, 6 grams of Zhimu, Banlangen, Dendrobium, 9 grams of pollen, 5 grams of bamboo leaves, berberine, Mutong each 3 grams Usage: Shuijianbi.

Stool diminished to the mother, plus 6 grams of musk; stool dry knot plus 3 grams of health; accompanied by exogenous fever plus 5 grams of mustard, mint 3 grams; tooth ulceration bleeding indications: oral ulcers heart fire inflammation syndrome 4: Gallnut 15 grams, Ming staff 3 grams system usage: a total of research and fine.

Apply 3 times a day.

Indications: Oral ulcer prescription 5: Cork mode: Usage: The cork is dried with candied dates, researched into fine noodles, and the affected area is once a day, 3-5 times more.

Indications: oral ulcer prescription 6: persimmon cream appropriate amount system usage: applied to oral ulcers, several times a day.

Indications: oral ulcer prescription 7: 蚤休, Zhimu, licorice each 6 grams, forsythia, berberine, bamboo leaves 9 grams, jaundice, gypsum, 15 grams of Divine, Qinglan 4.

5 grams of usage: Shuijianbi.

This is a 3-5 year old pediatric dose.

Indications: Pediatric herpes stomatitis, herpes angina prophylaxis 8: Asarum 10-20 grams Usage: powder, divided into 3 times.

Once a day, apply on the navel.

Indications: pediatric oral ulcer prescription 9: mung bean (mashed), 30 grams of sugar, 2 grams of tea. Usage: soaked in boiling water.

On behalf of tea, 3-5 times a day.

Indications: pediatric stomatitis prescription 10: yam root, rhubarb 50 grams each, human white, green peony, catechu 30 grams, 10 grams of cinnabar, borneol 3 grams of the method: a total of research for fine powder, storage bottle autoclave.
When using the 3% boric acid solution to clean the mouth, take 2% methyl violet solution to adjust the drug to a paste, 3-5 times a day to apply symptoms: pediatric oral ulcers

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