My life is not in my days.

My life is not in my days.

Someone once said such an intriguing story: a sudden desert storm caused a traveler to lose his way.

Even more frightening is that the backpacks for travelers with water and dry food were also swept away by the storm.

He rummaged through all the pockets and found a green apple.

“Ah, I still have an apple!

The traveler cried in surprise.

  He clasped the apple and looked for a way out in the desert alone.

In fact, when dry, dry, and tired, he would look at the apple in his hand and lick a cracked lip, which would add too much power.

  One day passed and two days passed.

On the third day, the traveler finally walked out of the desert.

The green apple that he had never bitten before, had been dry, but he was still in his hand.

  In addition to deeply admiring the traveler, people can’t help but be called: a seemingly insignificant green apple, there will be such an incredible magical power!

  Yes, this is the power of faith!

This is the power of the spirit!

Faith is the starting point for success and is the strong pillar for holding up the building of life.

In the journey of life, it is impossible to always have a smooth sailing, and things will follow.

Some people may be congenitally deficient or acquired, but he can become a strong person in life and create a miracle that is difficult for ordinary people to create. This depends on faith.

For a person with aspirations, faith is the magic weapon and the long river of hope.

  The power of faith is that even in the face of adversity, it can help you to raise the sails of progress; the greatness of faith lies in even the misfortune, and can also call you the courage to live up to life.

Faith is a flame that never remains extinct in the heart.

Faith is the inner driving force to ensure the success of a goal in life.

The greatest value of faith is to support people’s desire for good things.

A firm belief is a rose that never fades.

  I am living in me, not in the sky.

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