The whole mistake of destroying the misunderstanding of good sleep

The whole mistake of destroying the misunderstanding of good sleep

In an attempt to resist the heat and heat of the summer, many people are used to sleeping with some of their own cooling tips to help sleep.

In fact, from the perspective of health and wellness, some so-called skills are precisely the taboos of good sleep.


Exposed to the chest and abdomen and sleep in the hot summer weather, some people, especially men, in order to get the most cool feeling, I really like to sleep on the upper body.

In fact, sleeping like this is detrimental to human health.

  If you bare chest and abdomen, bare upper body, of course, can bring people a burst of coolness, but it is also easy to make the cold and heat in the body imbalance, so that the blood vessels contract, the body’s blood supply is reduced, easily lead to internal nervous system dysfunction, damage the initial mucosa of the stomachThe robes cause habitual diarrhea.

This ratio of diarrhea to bacterial diarrhea, as well as the feeling of pain and weakness, can cause chest tightness and shortness of breath.

If you have gastritis, you may also have symptoms of blood in the stool.

  It is best to wear a pajamas for sleeping in the summer, which can absorb sweat well and prevent cold and habitual diarrhea.

Pajamas should be light and soft, all cotton, which is good for absorbing sweat and transforming the skin.

The color of the pajamas should be light and light, which will help the eyes and the gods; the style of the pajamas should not be too small, otherwise the chest, abdomen, buttocks and other parts will be tight, and it will be easy to sleep and sleep more.

If you don’t wear pajamas, at least use a small blanket, and the towel should be covered with your chest and abdomen.


Fans are on, air conditioners sleep before going to bed, air conditioners should be used less, but before going to bed, the fans are cool and cool.

The fan can keep the arm and wrist moving constantly, can promote blood circulation, relax the muscles and relax, can prevent the sudden rise of blood pressure; the head is often active when the fan is shaken, which has a certain effect on preventing bone hyperplasia.

The sandalwood fan can not only use it to shake the wind, but also smell its aroma and refreshing spirit.

Sandalwood is a natural spice that is particularly sensitive to the irritating effects of olfactory nerves, especially those caused by neurasthenia, and can calm and calm the nerves.


Many people know that in the hot summer, after a heavy rain, the air will be extraordinarily fresh and cool, and the evaporation of rain will take away the penetration of the ground and reduce the cooling effect.

In order to eliminate the fatigue of the day, people hope to sleep at night and follow the example, splashing water on the indoor floor to achieve the purpose of cooling.

In fact, this method is also unscientific.

  This is because the evaporation of water depends on the circulation of air.

The general family room area is not large, plus the occupancy, furniture and other effects, the indoor ventilation conditions are far less good than the top.

The indoor air is in a relatively static state, the circulation is blocked, the water can not spread and stay in the air, even if the indoor temperature rises, people feel more sultry, and it is easy to let the bacteria and dust on the indoor floor float in the air through the water.It causes the air to be more turbid than before splashing water, which is very unfavorable to the human body.


The cooler the mat, the better. People are also very particular about the replacement of the mat.

The mat is not as cool as possible.

The cool bamboo mat is more suitable for young and middle-aged people.

Old people, children and people with weak constitutions should not be used.

  Infants and young children are best to sleep with woven grass, bulrush, mala grass and other weeds, because their nervous system is not yet mature, the body temperature regulation function is weak, the adaptability to cold and heat is poor, bamboo mats and leather seats are often easyKeep your child cold and not suitable for use.

In addition, the mat is also more suitable for the elderly, as well as people with weak constitution.

However, the straw mat is prone to long parasites. Before using the new straw mat, it is best to expose it to the sun. Repeat the tapping several times, then wipe off the dust with warm water and dry it in a cool place.

Apply warm water before going to bed every night to remove dust and sweat.

  Experts remind that no matter what type of mat, it should not be used too low, especially if you do not open the air conditioner continuously, otherwise it will lead to “cooling and cooling”, which is not conducive to good health, which is for the weak.The words are easier.


Before going to bed, use cold water to wipe the mat. In summer, people who have the habit of sleeping on the mat, always like to use cold water to cool the mat, straw mat, bamboo mat, etc., think that it will cool down when you fall asleep.

In fact, in the summer, people are sweating constantly. When the bed is not dry and the air temperature is high, then wiping the mat with a damp cloth will increase the humidity of the sleeping environment and easily breed bacteria.

It should be known that when a person sweats, the pores are opened, and as a result, mold and other bacteria are more likely to invade the human body and cause illness.
  The correct way is, after waking up the next day, wipe the sweat on the mat with clean water, then place it in the sun to dry, or air dry, put it indoors after dinner, and prepare for sleep at night.

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