White-collar decompression recipe dances with steel pole

White-collar decompression recipe dances with steel pole

In the health chapter, dancing can cure colds. In addition to pole dancing, Fu Yao also has to participate in many activities.

Everywhere I went caused a small sensation.

  At a car conference hosted by the newspaper not long ago, Fu Yao and her colleagues also performed on site.

During the performance, Fu Yao wanted her colleague to take some pictures for her to record her beautiful movements on the tube.

Before I got on the pipe, I saw that the audience was still empty. Only Fu Yao’s colleague held the camera to select a cast. When Fu Yao got on the pipe, he turned around and suddenly found himself turned into a lens.

It turned out that at the moment she was posing, a lot of spectators had gathered around, as long as those who brought the camera gave her the shot without any hesitation.

  Pole dancing, while strengthening the body and beautifying the body curve, also added a lot of self-confidence to Fu Yao, “Pole dancing is a very good exercise. I used to catch a cold, but now I have performed pole dancing, and I don’t even have a cold.

The meat on the body was loose before, but now it is firm.

The shape has become more beautiful, naturally it has added too much confidence to me.

“Building a strong body, increasing self-confidence, and making a lot of friends are also the reasons why Fu Yao is willing to give up her previous job and concentrate on being a pole dance assistant teacher.

  Psychological dissertation White-collar workers learn to dance to reduce stress Now pole dancing, both girls and more boys are dancing with the tube.

  In the dance room where Fu Yao was an assistant coach, the coaches were basically men.

“Boys don’t have the fear of girls dancing, so they often start and restart.

And they were so powerful that they jumped out and felt completely different.

“Of course, in addition, the biggest advantage of using a male coach is that when a beginner wants to learn a series of difficult movements such as hanging upside down on a tube, the male coach can better protect the work under the tube and ensure the safety of the literature.
  During the teaching of Fu Yao’s pole dance, scholars encountered also developed in a diversified direction. Fu Yao introduced: “Now urban people generally overcome the pressure, pole dance is also a way to relieve stress, so we also have tooMany office workers come to jump after work.

“Except for the scholars who came to decompression, they were more interested in hobbies. From the teenage junior high school students accompanied by their mothers to the men in their thirties who are in love with dancing, the training courses were really accepted.Diverse scholars.

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