Top 10 Diet Therapies for Women

Top 10 Diet Therapies for Women

1. Lamb porridge with 250 grams of fresh mutton, 100 grams of rice, green onions, ginger, and salt.

Wash and slice the mutton, congee it with rice, spring onion, ginger, and salt, and cook in the usual way until the mutton is cooked.

  Efficacy: qi, nourishing blood, analgesic.

Suitable for qi and blood deficiency pain.

  2. Pig skin jelly pig skin 1000 g, rice wine 250 ml, sugar 250 g.

Wash the pig skin and chop it, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer with gentle heat until the juice is thick. Add sugar and rice wine.

Twice daily, warm with water.

  Efficacy: nourishing blood and nourishing yin, nourishing kidney and nourishing liver.

It can cure women’s blood deficiency and fatigue, irregular menstruation and other symptoms, and it is more effective for those who suffer from waist and leg aches.

  3, Motherwort stir-fried amaranth with 3 grams of fresh motherwort, 30 grams of fresh amaranth, appropriate amount of vegetable oil.

Wash and cut off fresh motherwort and fresh amaranth.

Put the iron pan on the hot fire, pour in the vegetable oil, heat it, add the fresh motherwort, and stir-fry the fresh amaranth to eat.

Twice a day, until the blood stops.

  Efficacy: Motherwort has the effects of activating blood, breaking blood and regulating menstruation; Amaranth contains amaranic acid, which can shorten bleeding and clotting time, thereby achieving the purpose of hemostasis, and is particularly effective for blood stasis type menstruation.

  4, 250 grams of sesame liver pork liver, 1000 grams of soybean oil (actual consumption of 100 grams), 100 grams of sesame, 50 grams of flour, 2 eggs, refined salt, spring onion, ginger each amount.

Cut the pork liver into thin slices, mix with fine salt, shallot, ginger, and dip it in flour, sesame, egg sauce, and add soy oil in the pot.Ready to serve and serve.

  Efficacy: nourishing blood and yin, nourishing liver and kidney.

However, those with spleen deficiency, stool or diarrhea are not suitable to choose this diet regimen.

  5, Zhuyu porridge, raw yam 100 grams, raw barley kernels 100 grams, 15 grams of longan meat, 100 grams of rice.

Cook the barley kernels and the previous rice first, and then put the peeled and mashed raw yam and longan meat into the same porridge.

  Efficacy: Strengthen the spleen and qi, double the heart and spleen, and consume during menstruation, which can help the recovery of qi and blood.

  6, squid bone stewed chicken squid 30 grams, angelica 30 grams, chicken 100 grams, refined salt, MSG amount.

Diced chicken, sliced Angelica sinensis, shredded squid bone, put 500 ml of water in an earthen pot, appropriate amount of refined salt, steamed in a steamer once a day.

Generally 3-5 times visible.

  Efficacy: Squid bone has the effect of astringent and hemostatic, Angelica and chicken are both good for blood, so it has a lot of effects on blood deficiency type menstruation.

  7, corn must be stewed lean meat, corn must be 30 grams, 120 grams of lean meat, the right amount of salt, MSG.

Cut the lean meat into pieces, place them in a clay pot with the corn, add 500 ml of water, cover with a steamer and steam until the meat is cooked, add salt, monosodium glutamate, and take while hot.

  Efficacy: Corn must have the effect of cooling blood to stop bleeding. It is commonly used by folks to cure red cramps, lean meat can supplement blood, and the combination of the two makes it more effective for treating blood-heat type menstruation.

  8, Angelica ginger mutton soup Angelica 30 grams, ginger 30 grams, 500 grams of refined mutton.

Add it to the casserole together, add an appropriate amount of water, first boil it with martial arts, and then stew it until the meat is rotten. After seasoning, you can take it once a day and eat meat and soup.

  Efficacy: Warm menstruation and dispersing cold, tonifying blood and regulating menstruation, suitable for those who have irregular menstruation due to blood deficiency and cold.

  9, Fructus Corni Fructus Evodia, Fructus Corni, Ginger, Onion in small quantities, 50 grams of previous rice.

Grind Evodia corneum into fine powder, and use the previous rice to cook porridge. After the rice is cooked, add the Evodia corni and ginger, light on white, and cook for porridge.

  Efficacy: nourishing the spleen, warming the stomach, dispersing cold in the middle, relieving pain and vomiting.

Applicable to Deficiency cold dysmenorrhea and cold abdominal pain, vomiting and antiemetic acid.

The dose should not be too large, it should be started from a small dose.

All patients with fever, physical symptoms, and yin deficiency are prone to take.

  10. Stewed lotus seeds, litchi seeds, 20 litchi seeds, 60 grams of lotus seeds.The lychee is dried and shelled, and the lotus seeds are taken out of the heart. After washing, put in 500 ml of water in a ceramic pot, steam it over a medium heat and take it.

  Efficacy: Litchi is rich in nutrition, and folks have traditionally considered it tonic, which can nourish the blood and nourish the spleen. The role of the lotus seed is mainly to nourish the spleen and astringent. The two are combined and easy to use, so it is often used to treat spleen deficiency.

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