Small thistle

Small thistle

[Chinese name]: Small thistle (Notes in this Chapter)[Category]: Whole grass[Synonym]Cat Thistle (Tao Hongjing), Green thistle, Thousand needles (“The Sketch”), Thorn thistle (“Saving Materia Medica”), Asparagus (“Outline of Repertory”), green vegetables, amaranth, spear knife (“Medicine and Chinese Medicine”), wild safflower (“Classified Herbal Properties”), thornCarrageen, Acanthopanax esculenta, Acanthopanax radiata, Prickly thorn sprouts, Prickly thorns (“Jiangsu Chinese Medicine Journal”), Poria (“Shandong Chinese Medicine”), Little Evil Chicken, Prickly Radish (“Sichuan Traditional Chinese Medicine”),Small thistle, spurs, cattle jab, thorny pointed grass (“Chinese herbal medicine commonly used in Shanghai”).

  [Source]It is the whole grass or root of Asteraceae.

  [Sexual taste]sweet and cool.

  ① “Rihuazi Materia Medica”: cool, non-toxic.

  ② “Compendium of Materia Medica”: slightly sweet bitter, cold, non-toxic.

  [Guijing]into the liver, spleen.

  ① “Ben Cao Tong Xuan”: into the spleen, liver two classics.

  ② “Compendium of Materia Medica”: enter the lungs, spleen two meridians.

  [Function Indications-Effect of thistle]Cooling blood, removing blood stasis and stopping bleeding.

  Treatment of vomiting blood, hemorrhage, hematuria, gonorrhea, blood in the stool, hemorrhage, acute infectious hepatitis, wound bleeding, scabies, boil.

  ① “Medicinal Herbal Therapy”: take vegetables to cook, except for wind and heat.

  Root, the main collapse, and the woman was injured in the month, took half a liter of juice to take it.

  The golden sore didn’t stop bleeding.

  Xia Yueyue is hot and irritated. Pound the leaves and take half a liter of juice.

  ② “Compendium of Materia Medica”: Broken blood, stop new blood, burst blood, blood pus (‘痢’ 一 作 ‘collapse’), gold sores bleeding, vomiting, etc., take juice to warm clothes; make fried and sugar, alloy soresSpider viper venom is best.

  ③ “Rihuazi Materia Medica”: root, cure fever and toxic wind and chest distress, appetizing and eating, antipyretic, tonic.

  Miao, go to annoyance, and give birth to juice.

  ④ “The Sketch of this Sketch”: raw pounding root juice suit to stop vomiting blood, bleed blood, shed blood.

  ⑤ “Summary of Compendium”: clearing fire, clearing wind, expelling phlegm, relieving all scabies, liver swelling and poison.

  ⑥ “Classified herbal properties”: Hemorrhagic pain, bruises, red collapse, leucorrhea.

  ”Common Chinese Herbal Medicine in Shanghai”: clearing heat, stopping bleeding, lowering blood pressure, dispersing blood stasis and swelling.

  Treatment of various bleeding disorders, hypertension, jaundice, hepatitis, nephritis.

  [Usage and Dosage]Oral: Jiantang, 1.

5-3 money (1-2 for fresh ones); mashed or ground.

  Topical use: Tamping or frying.

  [Should be avoided]Those with spleen and stomach deficiency and no stasis should avoid taking it.

  ① “Pinhui Essentials”: Avoid offending iron.

  ② “Ben Cao Jing Shu”: It is not conducive to weak stomach diarrhea and blood deficiency, and the spleen and stomach are weak.

  ③ “Compendium of Materia Medica”: not conducive to Qi deficiency.

  [Selection]① Treating hot heart vomiting and dry mouth: raw scallion juice, raw sirloin juice, raw rehmannia juice, small thistle root juice, two spoons of white honey.

  Mix on the medicine, stir to make it even, do not time, and scrutinize it.

  (“Sheng Hui Fang”) ② To treat bleeding on the tongue, and also to deal with big cockles: a handful of thorn thistle, grind, grind the juice, and serve with half a bottle of wine.

  If there is no raw juice, only the dry person is the end, and the three-money dagger is lowered in cold water.

  (“Shengji General Records” Qingxinsan) ③ treatment of vomiting blood, hemoptysis: big thistle, small thistle, lotus leaves, cypress leaves, grass root, madder, mandrill, rhubarb, peony skin, palm skin are divided equally.

  The burning ash is of a very fine nature, and it is ground into a fine powder. Cover it with a paper bowl and cover it on the ground overnight. It will cause fire poisoning. When using it, firstly grind the white lotus root juice or radish juice in a half bowl of Beijing ink.

  (“Shi Yao Shen Shu” Shi Hui San) ④ Treatment of scorching hot blood: raw rehmannia (wash) forty-two, small thistle root, talc, all-grass, Puhuang (fried), light bamboo leaves, lotus root, angelica (to aloe)), Wine dip), mangosteen seeds, licorice () each two and a half.

  Finely cut on top, four dollars per serving, one and a half water, and fry to eight cents.

  (“Ji Sheng Fang”) ⑤ treatment of collapse of middle and lower blood: a small thistle stem, leaves (wash, cut) ground juice, one into the raw rehmannia juice, atractylodes half two, fried half, warm clothes.  (“Qianjinfang”) ⑥ The bleeding after treatment of pregnancy abortion is not only: small thistle root leaves (coarsely chopped), motherwort (rooted, chopped) each five or two.

  Take three large bowls of water, boil the two flavors and simmer to a large bowl, fry the medicine in a copper vessel to one, divide into two servings, and consume them within the day.

  (“Shengji General Record” small thistle drink) ⑦ treatment of women’s Yin: small thistle decoction, wash three times a day.

  (“Guangji Recipe”)[Clinical application]① Picking fresh small thistle leaves for treating sores and passing 0 successively.

1% potassium permanganate solution and 0.

After rinsing with 5% saline several times, squeeze the juice and let it stand for 1 hour. Pour off the supernatant, and take 20 ml of dark green precipitated liquid and 80 g of white petrolatum to prepare an ointment.

  There were 200 cases of sores, trauma and suppuration, and occupational salt halide trauma and suppuration. It was usually cured 4-7 times without any adverse complications.

  ② For postpartum uterine insufficiency and blood collapse, take small thistle extract (1:10) every 1-3 ml and take it 3 times a day.

  Observation of 45 cases, it is clear that the contraction of the uterus, the role of stopping bleeding.

  Generally, the uterine contraction averages 2-5 cm postpartum in 2-3 days after taking the medicine.

  Such as heavy bleeding.

  It can be taken 4-8 ml per serving, 3-4 times a day. After the hemostasis, switch to a normal dose, or take 2 whole fresh herbs and decoction 2 times.

  Treatment of 30 cases of Metrorrhagia and Leakage, the hemostasis or significantly reduced after 2 days.

  ③ For leprosy rhinitis, wash the whole grass, mash it, filter out the liquid with gauze, boil it in a pot and evaporate its moisture, add an appropriate amount of antiseptic after cooling, and put it in a glass bottle for later use.

  Use a cotton ball dipped in juice to plug the bleeding point on the erosive or ulcerated side of the nasal septum and change it 3-4 times a day.

  Treatment of 34 cases, 24 cases were cured (70.


  It usually stops in 4-14 days, and the ulcerative surface of the nasal septum heals in 21-33 diabetes without any adverse reactions.

  ④ In the treatment of infectious hepatitis, take 1 or 2 fresh roots of thistle, and fry 0.

For 5-1 hours, filter and add sugar, and take it before bed.

  Children 1-3 years old, 4-7 years old and 8-12 years old take 1/4, 1/3 and 1/2 of the adult, respectively.

  Take 20-30 days as a course of treatment, and some cases of complications of the course take 7-10 days as a course of treatment.

  Treatment of 221 patients without jaundice and jaundice infectious hepatitis without signs of severe liver dysfunction and malignant hepatitis, effective rate: 77 for acute.

9%, the ductility is 42.

8-69%, chronic is 2%.

  Dizziness, burnout, insomnia, and bloating all improved after treatment.

  The pain in the liver area has been alleviated, liver tumors have been significantly reduced, and liver function has also improved to varying degrees, especially the improvement of jaundice index, bilirubin, and transaminase; but for severe jaundice, the opposite result may appear.

  Therefore, women with malignant hepatitis (including liver coma), obvious liver dysfunction, patients with hepatitis combined with gastrointestinal bleeding, active tuberculosis, acute gastritis, malignant hypertension, heart failure and late pregnancy should be contraindicated.

  Drug reaction: During the 2-20 days of medication, body heat, dizziness, burnout, vomiting, abdominal pain or insomnia, frequent urination, polyuria, urticaria, etc., usually disappear within 1-2 weeks, and severe patients withdrawAfter the healing.

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